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Kimberly Fey: All About Donnie Wahlberg’s Ex-Wife



Kimberly Fey: All About Donnie Wahlberg’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Fey: All About Donnie Wahlberg’s Ex-Wife

Kimberly Fey is a well-known celebrity who is better known for her marriage to Donnie Wahlberg. Unlike other celebrities, Kimberly is known for her widespread media drama in the divorce from her former husband. She is not associated with Tina Fey or any other person of the same surname.

Kimberly is a recording engineer by profession and used to sing. She has worked with some famous names like Funky Bunch and Marky Mark. When you’re a successful record engineer in the music industry, there are high chances for you to come across the love of your life.

Kimberly Fey Before Her Fame

Kimberly Fey was a successful record engineer in the music industry before she met and married Donnie Wahlberg. She worked with many famous artists, such as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, when she was just 22 years old. In addition to her engineering skills, Fey is also a talented singer and composer.

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Kimberly Fey: Her Dating and Marriage with Donnie Wahlberg, a singer.

Kimberly Fey is one lucky lady! Not only is she a talented record engineer, but she’s also married to singer Donnie Wahlberg. She met American singer/actor, Donnie Wahlberg while working together and fell in love. The two met during her work with Marky Mark and hit it off right away. They dated for eight long years before getting married in 1999.

Fey and Donnie Are the Parents of Two Amazing Children!

The happy couple of nine years has become parents to two beautiful children, making them proud in the process. Xavier Alexander Wahlberg was born on 4 March 1993 and Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg was born on 20 August 2001. As the children have grown older, they’ve undoubtedly become more amazing. Xavier is currently 24 years old while Elijah is 16.

Each of their children bring different joys into the family. Xavier is an amazing athlete, making his parents proud every time he competes. Meanwhile, Elijah is a musical prodigy who has already started his own band. The Wahlberg family is definitely blessed!

Divorce, Dating Any One?

Nine years of married life came to an end for this couple in a most unexpected way – with a divorce. They had taken every precaution, they thought, but on 13th August 2008 they signed the papers and ended their marriage. The decision was not an easy one, but it was the best thing for both of them in the long run.

Since then, the question on everyone’s mind has been: will either of them date anyone else?

Donnie Wahlberg is now married to comedian Jenny McCarthy, but Kimberly has not yet found the right person to spend her life with. On 2019th Valentine’s day, Donnie wished his fans via Instagram but didn’t mention anything about Kimberly’s possible partner, which could mean she is currently single.

The answer is still unknown, but there is certainly a lot of speculation. Only time will tell if she moves on to a new relationship.

Net Worth

Even though Kimberly Fey has stayed out of the public eye since her divorce from actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg, it’s estimated that she has a net worth of millions. As a realtor, her income ranges between $24,911 and $180,065, with a median salary of $54,549.

Her ex-husband Donnie Wahlberg has had more success in the public eye and boasts a net worth of $20 million. However, with his present wife Jenny McCarthy they have a combined net worth of $34 million. This is thanks to McCarthy’s successful career as a TV host and author.

So while Kimberly may be living quietly now, it’s clear she still has plenty to be happy about.

Short Bio

Kimberly Fey was once a successful record engineer in the music industry. At the age of 49, she is considered a veteran in her field. However, she has always kept a low profile and avoided the public eye. Consequently, little is known about her personal life or her family. Her lack of presence on social media only adds to the mystery. What we do know, however, is that she is a highly accomplished engineer and an innovator in her field.

In the years since she first started working, she has helped to create some of the most iconic albums in history. Her work has been praised by critics and fans alike, and she is considered one of the best in the business. Despite her success, Kimberly Fey remains a private person who values her privacy. She is a hard worker and an expert in her field, and she is sure to continue making a name for herself in the music industry.

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